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April 2024

Upcoming Events in April

Soup Kitchen:*
Monday Through Friday
11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Friday Worship At Soup Kitchen:
6:00 PM

Global Pandemic Update: Due to the global pandemic, we have taken cautionary measures to reopen as carefully as we are allowed to. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. *While the Soup Kitchen is freely available, carry out is still offered as a precautionary measure! Due to the nature of the pandemic, things can change at any time! For the latest updates to our schedule, keep an eye on our social media sites listed below!

Social Media:
Want to interact with our church and our people online? We currently have 2 social media offerings for you! Be sure to follow us on facebook and subscribe to us on our youtube channel to have more of God in your life online!

You can interact with us on facebook here: Jesus Name Pentecostal Church
You can also watch more videos on our youtube channel here: Jesus Name Pentecostal Church

Jesus Name Pentecostal Church
1112 SW 6th St, Fairfield, IL 62837
Phone: (618) 599-0784
Member of UPCI Last Updated: 4/21/2024